Madhouse Enterprises

Making a Difference in Website Design since 2003

Welcome to Madhouse Enterprises website design and development.

A website is great and environmentally friendly way to promote your products, services or vision to the world. Your website is a window into how your organisation does business. How your website design vision is created is of extreme importance. Users will make decisions about the value and integrity of your organisation based upon their reaction to the interface they encounter. Is it user friendly? Is it visually pleasing? Does it load fast enough? Is there enough interactivity?

A visitor who encounters confusing navigation, poorly-written content, an unattractive website design, or long load times will most likely distrust the website and the organisation behind it.

Madhouse Enterprises goal is to create a website that builds trust and loyalty among your user base. We work with your organisation to understand your business goals, and then develop a website design which incorporates "your" preferences, ideas and your end-users' requirements. 

We have learned from experience that the correct approach adds measurable and tangible value to any website or e-shop through improved communication, streamlined workflow and better customer interaction and reach.

Why choose us for your website design?

We will deliver on time and within budget.


It's cost effective, reliable and without all off the limitations set by most website design, development and service companies. From basic website pages to dynamic content, professional forms, well designed visitor interactivity to major website development and e-commerce, madhouse enterprises can handle any size website design or development for you. We will deliver on time and within budget. Once your site is up we will  administer it for you as well, should you choose.

The customer is king!

Our means of doing business, simple but efficient. 

We aim to take the level of customer interactivity back to a time when personal contact was vital to the website design business success. These days there are many online apps where you can build you own website, but honestly, would you ask the painter to work on your new car? I wouldn't. We will ensure that your website is as successful as it can be. 

With us the customer is NR. 1, and your success is our success!